Kakashi + Eye Smile [shippuden 3]

half-assed kakashi sketch bc he got his eye gauged out wow did anyone even see that coming bc i didnt


half-assed kakashi sketch bc he got his eye gauged out wow did anyone even see that coming bc i didnt


this show is gold


tina is such a boss bitch

I was not prepared for what happened I the manga today ;~; he wasn't bothering no body,hopefully before obito dies he'll give him his other,if not Kakashi should jus retire he's been through to much bs in his life~E


He wasn’t bothering anyone omg I’m 

he was just sitting there, staring at the dirt, minding his own business, then superman Madara comes nyooming by and snatches his goddamned eye I

Madara needs to learn some table manners.


1,5 and 14^^

1. Where are you from?
5. How would you describe your sense of humour?
-unm kinda harsh,dry,but sometimes anythings can make me laugh especially dogs doing cute things,and sassy drag queens
14. Most used word? Umm I say sorry like ALOT, my most used phrase is sorry ‘bout it

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Can we all just talk about Promise Phan (dope2111 on Youtube) real quick?

I work at Hardee’s so the same old people come in everyday they have their own cliques and they stay for hours, I think it’s sweet bc you know coming to Hardee’s everyday to see their friends could be what gets them out of bed, it’s so heartwarming to see all these happy people,people who grew in real troubled times,it really makes you think that people of out time shouldn’t be so ungrateful some of these people fought in WW2,stood up for civil rights and real women equality,and fought bravely in the Vietnam war just come home to the USA to shunned and ridiculed,and yet in their elder years they all still have something to smile about.


Sad thing is, Kakashi literally did not see this coming. In Chapter 669, he points out that his eye is basically blind. Madara ripped it out of his skull and Kakashi literally couldn’t see Madara’s hand until the split second before it was torn out…

Poor Kakashi.

Whats more terrifying? Madara…

He lost the sharingan,personally I’m not upset about it,but it does suck, I think sakura is probably going to be the one who gets stabbed obito will probably give his to naruto and after the fight naruto should give it back to Kakashi but I doubt he’ll take it.